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Winners of the 6th Annual UALC Seven Day Bible Art Challenge 2023

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The 6th Annual 7 Day Bible Art Challenge at Upper Arlington Lutheran Church is now in the record books.

For 2023, we had 22 artworks turned in, 10 from youth and 12 from adults.

Youth artists ranged in age from Pre-Kindergarten thru 11th grade, most of which were in the young kids group (PK-4). Their verse was Matthew 13:1-3, the Parable of the Sower. "Outstanding Achievement" ribbons were presented for the best in each class, PK-4, Middle School and High School.

PK-4 Gouping:

  • The surprise winner of the Outstanding Achievement award in the PK-4 group was earned by pre-kindergartener Olivia Chia.
  • Receiving Art Achievement ribbons in this group were her sister Melody Chia, Tabitha Shore, Abraham Shore, William Meisterheim, and Samantha Meisterheim.

Middle School grouping:

  • The Outstanding Achievement award went to David Rumschlag, for his colored pencil drawing called "Deeply Rooted."
  • An Art Achievement ribbon was presented to Julianne Davis for "God's Message of Growing."

High School grouping:

  • The Outstanding Achievement award went to Abigail Rumschlag, for her watercolor called "Choked or Nourished.
  • Leah Johnson received an Art Achievement ribbon for "Planted," a wood carving based on Matthew 13:3-8.

The adults had a more challenging passage, Matthew 16:21-28, "Jesus Predicts His Death," which includes the memoroable rebuke of Peter where Jesus says "get behind me, Satan."

First place went to a marvelously-illustrated color pencil 3-panel "comic" by Abagail Pidcock, titled "It's Me, I'm Peter" that pefectly summarizes the passage.

Second place went to a mixed-media collage by Donna Nesbitt, called "Plan C," based on the "take up your cross and follow me" portion of the passage.

Third place went to a very large piece titled "Pick Up Your Cross and Follw Me"by Mike Larson, illustrating Jesus inviting the disciples to follow.

Honorable Mentions went to:

  • Ellen Miller for "The Discussion - The Truth" (Scriptural Integration)
  • Deb Haller for "Eternal Lilfe" (Artistic Merit)
  • Joyce Fisher for "Take Up the Cross and Follow Me" (Artistic Merit)
  • Alex Feree for "Ecce Homo" (Artistic Merit)

See all the artwork by downloading the PDF, below.

Artwork will be on display through April 12 at UALC's Lytham Road Campus, 2300 Lytham Road, Upper Arlington, Ohio.


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