7 Day Bible Art Challenge™ - A Unique Creative Arts Competition

7 day Bible Art Challenge

A friendly creative challenge for aspiring artists.

The 7 Day Bible Art Challenge™ is a friendly one-week competition that appeals to amateur and professional artists alike to explore the biblical truth of scripture while they practice their craft.

How the Challenge Works

7 Day Bible Art Challenge competitions are independently organized by local churches or other organizations as an outreach to their local communities using our proven ministry guidebook.

  • The church or organization joins 7dayart.com
  • Following guidelines provided here, they form a team to host the Challenge and make preparations
  • A Call for Entries is announced, and artists sign up
  • A Bible Passage is given to the artists at a designated day and time
  • Artists turn in their work exactly a week later
  • Art is juried, and awards are distributed
  • The art exhibit remains on display for several weeks
  • Everyone has a unique encounter with the Word of God
About the Challenge

“The challenge brought meaning and purpose to my life and the opportunity to help others.”

Barbara (Columbus, OH)

Challenge Your Community

This is your call to challenge your community to an artistic encounter with the Word of God. The challenge extends to artists and non-artists alike. The challenge to a church congregation is for members to invite artists they know (youth or adult) to the competition, and then help the artist "unpack" the Word of God, leading to spiritual conversations and growth for both artist and friend.

Organizing a 7 Day Bible Art Challenge event takes a concentrated effort on the part of a team from the host church or organization. Your team doesn’t have to be comprised of artists – in fact for some roles it’s beneficial NOT to be an artist. You just need to sense the call to share God’s Word with artists in your church and the broader community.

At 7dayArt.com we offer all the resources powering a proven system that your church or organization can use to offer this unique experience.

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